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Living Script: Be Kind & Inspire

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Yesterday while spending quality time with moms, I was reminded why it is I do what I do. We started out watching "I want to work for Diddy" then laughed at the brainless women of "For the love of Ray J." When Ray J became to mundane we started flipping through the channels for something else to amuse us when we came across the movie Be Kind Rewind. Staring Mos Def and Jack black, the film chronicles the mishaps of a vintage movie rental store and the efforts of the employees to save it.
I love this film because of it's purity. Furthermore, I have to respect their work ethic as film makers. But it is the ending of this film that always gets me. First, watching the community come together as one to make a movie from nothing and be so passionate about it is pure inspiration. Yet, it is when I see and feel their emotions exuding from the screen when they are watching their finished film, their excitement reminds me what my craft is truly about. Yes I gain self gratification when completing a video/film, don't we all, but it is all about the viewer.
Films, when done correctly, change lives. How many people do you know identify with the Breakfast Club or The Wood as a perfect depiction of their teenage years. What about the impact of such films as School Daze or Do the Right Thing, that no matter how man times you watch it you find a new metaphor or theme. Films are meant to inspire and entertain. Audiences look to films to take them away from their reality into new worlds, making
them laugh, cry, and remember the good times. Although there are other reasons I look forward to making films, especially with bigger budgets so I can be paid to blow up expensive items, I hold my those who support my work close to heart striving to provide you with an experience greater than what I had making it for you . I challenge all film makers as we start this decade, to make films and be beacons of the industry that inspire the world. Thank you for your love and support, I wish you many blessing in 2010.

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Dolores Claiborne

Dolores Claiborne
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