Monday, April 6, 2009

Iron Man replacing Terrence Howard

Reports are that Terrence Howard has been replaced by Don Cheadle for Iron Man 2. Check out the full story at
Terrence Howard says Marvel Betrayed Him...

The Living Scripit: Act 1 Where is everybody?

INT. Atlanta - My room - Morning

Hollywood sitting at his desk wrighting in his journal.

(thinking to himself)

So I finally get a professional camera for the whole weekend. I was super geeked, really felt like my hard work was starting to pay off. I didn't get the camera till late afternoon Friday. Seeing as it was too late to try to set up a shoot, I just threw the camrea over my shoulder and shot what ever I could. Got some good footage but noting significant. Saturday I didn't have the camera because it was needed for another shoot. Not letting time go to waste, I used Saturday to try to set up a shoot for one of my shorts on Sunday. Everything was going well Sunday. Got up, got to church, got the camera back on time and got everything set up for the shoot.when it comes time to get started...........NO ONE IS THERE!!!! I make a few calls to see where everyone is and of course no one is any where to be found. Time to move to plan number 2. I call of my friend Bobby Cash (School House Hustlas) who is always down for anything when it come to work or money. Soon as I call him an introduce the idea , first question he ask is "what can we shoot and what do you need." We devised a plan and he started putting things into motion. Then around 12am I get a phone call saying it wasn't going to happen tonight because people where acting salty. Well there went that idea. 
Right now I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to do, I'm seizing every opportunity, but when it comes to shooting my personal projects my actors fall short. I had the camera, the set, and the script, but no actors!!! Therefore, my goal for this week is to surround myself with individuals who are serious about their craft and dependable. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend Picks 4/3/09

Fast cars, sick body work, and the reunion of the original cast.....can't wait to see the finish product.

Another thriller movie that looks promising just hope I don't walk out disappointed.

Dolores Claiborne

Dolores Claiborne
Sometimes an accident can be an unhappy womans best friend. Check out this interesting classic on dvd.