Monday, March 23, 2009

What was he thinking?

Here's an idea...........

I found out about this show through the annoying On Demand segments that Comcast runs as you search through the on demand menu. Usually I pay no mind to them in efforts to keep my sanity, but the clip they showed had me on the ground laughing. So I decided to check out the show and I was hooked after the first show. Some of the sketches are a little out there but you will enjoy it none the less. You can catch "The Whitest Kids You Know" on the IFC channel.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Creamie Says

Check out the finish product from my friend Eziekial Phillips.

Don't Feed the Animals

Last week I went with my friend DJ Era to Gorilla Zoe's album listening party. The event was held at the Atlanta Zoo, in the gorilla viewing deck. Of course, you know I had the camera with me :-). So check out the fun we had. Let me know what you think about the clip, I shot and edited everything.

Who's your mother?

Picture this, the setting is the year 1928 where racial segregation is very prominent and the ability of voting privileges for women is very recent. Male superiority and chauvinism is the way of life as well as the increasing need to gain power is a dominant factor. Los Angeles, California resides manger of local phone operations Christine Collins (played by Angelina Jolie) who is making a decent living for herself and her son Walter. After a long day of work and entrusting that her son will behave while away, Christine notices that Walter has been added to the list of many children who turn up missing. Collins then gets word that her son has returned but then comes face to face with an orphan that is posing as Walter Collins that happens to be a set up by the LAPD. After attempting to persuade Captain J. J. Jones (Played by Jeffery Donovan) Jones tells her that the little boy has changed but he is indeed her child. The determination of this woman with the help from the local reverend, forces her to go to the media about proven instances that this stranger/orphan is not her son Walter. This attempt leads her in a mental institution arranged by Captain Jones, but there is a secret back story that could or could not shed light on this situation.

Based off of a true story, this leads the audience in shock of how corrupted the LAPD has been over the years even before the Rodney King beatings of 1991. Even with all these instances of the misuse of power. The question on the mind of many is posed as the inquiry of the boundaries of that of not only the local government but the national and international government as well. How can one give a parent the wrong child on purpose and convince the parent that this orphan is their “developed” or “evolved” child. Even with there being a difference in location, that environment doesn’t physically alter the appearance of a person as drastic as the time span of two months. This movie gives a rather grim look into how the government manipulates people in order to portray a squeaky clean image.

So why rent this movie? This movie keeps the audience in suspense while watching Jolie re-enact not only the emotional stress of a worried mother but the audience is able to view Jolie become a member of the mental institution as she previously did in her 1999 film Girl Interrupted starring side by side Brittany Murphy and Winona Ryder. Changeling will keep you guessing about the next move while leaving you disgusted in our nations crooked police force which contradicts their oath of “To serve and protect”.

Dolores Claiborne

Dolores Claiborne
Sometimes an accident can be an unhappy womans best friend. Check out this interesting classic on dvd.